Personal Career Services

The Meehan Group offers personal career services to those who don’t have employer sponsored outplacement service, or for those who are currently employed and seeking a better opportunity. Our services are not bundled in a package. We want to talk with you and tailor services that fit your individual needs. Our services are offered both locally and remotely.

We want you to feel relaxed and confident:

Resume Writing, Reviewing and Critiquing – A resume is a skill-based, accomplishment-based summary of your career which includes your employment history, education, and industry training. Having a skill-based, accomplishment-based resume will help you be more in tune with yourself and will allow you to conduct yourself much more effectively in a job interview. 

Job Interview Coaching – A job interview is a relationship building activity that allows you and a prospective employer to measure your combination of interests and abilities, with a company’s culture and challenges.  A proactive person views a job interview as an opportunity to develop a network relationship. It is not a life or death situation, but one of exploration for opportunities for both parties involved. Are you struggling with questions on strengths & weaknesses, being over qualified or describing situations? A job interview coaching session with us will build your confidence greatly.

We can also help you with the following:

How to handle a Job Offer

Effective Networking

Social Networking & LinkedIn Coaching

Marketing Yourself in a Career Search

Working with Headhunters

Tips on Relocation

Our Services are offered on-site at our office and/or via telephone and internet…

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