Outplacement / Career Transition Services

The Meehan Group partners with client companies to realize their needs to reduce staff and provides services to help their displaced employees land new and better jobs. The Meehan Group thrives on building strong and trusting relationships with its clients allowing full access to all levels of the organization.

Since 1991 The Meehan Group has provided Outplacement / Career Transition services to allow its client companies to offer their downsized employees the assistance they need in dealing with the loss of a job, preparing for the new job search, and the successful landing of new and meaningful employment.

We also help our client companies in the strategic planning and management guidance they need in the very difficult task of executing employee separations..

Our wide variety of services allows for flexibility and has proven to be successful in many projects, large and small to include:

    Plant Closings
    Departmental Downsizings
    Individual Employee Terminations
    Company Reorganizations
    Economic Downsizings

Every downsizing situation is unique and we design the right career transition program for each of our client company’s needs.

To design the best outplacement / career transition program for your employees call:
Pat Meehan at 812-422-1105
or email to: pat@themeehangroup.com